Butterfly in the Rain

Hello, my name is Terri Sproul and I am honored to be a part of the Yasutomo Niji  Design Team.  I am a mixed media artist and love to play with different products, so this team was perfect for me.


Butterfly in the Rain


Niji Splash Ink – magenta, yellow and blue

Stencil – I used a Butterfly image

Golden Paints:  Molding Paste

Palette Knife

White Gesso

Canvas – or this can be done on paper

Spray Bottle filled with Water


1)  Paint your canvas or paper with white gesso, set aside to dry.

2)  Lay stencil on canvas and with a palette knife and spread a thin coat of molding paste over the stencil as if you are adding icing to a cake. Set aside to dry

3)  Wet your canvas with a water using a spray bottle.  Start adding your Niji Splash Inks and more water. These colors will not muddy so you can just have fun.  Remember to let them drip too.  Fill your canvas with color until you are happy with the results.


This project was super easy, now go have fun!

Thanks for stopping by today and remember to join me on Tuesdays for a Live Stream event: make Art Journals at http://www.youtube.com/terrisproul

Terri Sproul 

2 thoughts on “Butterfly in the Rain

  1. A lovely and fun piece Terri!!

  2. beautiful work Terri!

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