FUN With Gel Xtreme Pens

Fun with Dots

This is a card design created using cool products from Yasutomo.  As part of their design team and I will attempt to show my process, step by step.

This past summer I traveled for 3 weeks logging over 3900 miles going and covering 8 states across the northwest. It was really a stunning experience. One of the most amazing things that happened was coming across these magnificent buffalo as we traveled from Yellowstone to Jackson. I was in awe of the creatures. I was also struck at how calm they seemed and I was saddened at the thought of how so many had been destroyed and how easy it must’ve been because they just don’t move.


Making art. I started with this image and did a couple of quick sketches. First one that’s just a copy and then a stylized version for my image.

2.pencil3.inkingI redrew the image in pencil on kraft card paper and then with the Y & C Permawriter, I inked in the image, adding wings and putting the buffalo on a cloud. After inking I erase all the pencil lines with a kneaded eraser.

Now the fun begins. I was looking forward to using the Niji Pearlescent Watercolors for their shimmering effect and applying them with the Niji Waterbrush!


No mess and easy to clean the brush tip just by squeezing water out and dabbing on a paper towel. Don’t worry about paint on the tip, as long as the dabs are clean you’re ready for another color.


See how the white paint is slightly opaque, good thing on the kraft paper.

I forgot to mention the gold watercolor #58. It really pops so I thought I’d do the wings and horns with it.

And last but not least I added dots and dashes using both types of Gel Xtreme pens, metallic and pastel colors.


The pastel rollers are more neon and bright. I went over the clouds with the Gel Xtreme white.

There you have it. I hope everyone gets a chance to see these awesome animals in person some day. I can’t believe there weren’t any fences. They were even crossing the road at one point!

2 thoughts on “FUN With Gel Xtreme Pens

  1. Lovely post!! I love the story! 3900 miles, amazing!!
    Your buffalo card looks really special! Awesome work!

  2. Love the story and how you made a trip into a whimsical memory!

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