One Last moment With Summer

Yes, I know its fall now, but I had to get one more moment in with summer.  I am a mixed media artist who loves to make art journals and Yasutomo allows me to play with lots of different mediums.

Today I am sharing my Art Journal page. Sometimes I go all out with lots of layers with paints, inks, stamps, but there are those moments when you just want to make life simple.

I drew a tree with the Niji 36 Oil Pastel, starting with a dark brown and coloring in with a lighter brown color.  I used two shades of green to make my tree top and grass, and as you blend the two you will get more colors.

Here is the best part: As you might know oil and water don’t mix, so with this in mind I used  Niji Pearlescent Watercolor set  and Watercolor Brushes  and started coloring in the sky.  Since water and oil don’t mix, the water color did not mix into my tree or grass.  HOW cool is that?  Love it..

I stamped the bird image and girl in the grass and colored them in using my Gel Xtreme Rollers.  I love the way this looks.
To finish, I wrote the quote “It’s a summer thing” with my old Calligraphy Pen dipped in Yasutomo Traditional Chinese Ink Ultra Black ink.
Thanks for stop by the blog today, and be sure stop by again.
Terri Sproul

5 thoughts on “One Last moment With Summer

  1. The way you handled the sky, using the oil pastels as a resist, was just fascinating! And I love the idea of using the sparkling watercolors for the sky, too.

  2. Awesome page!! It is so true, we have to try to get one last try with summer before it is gone for a year!!

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