Tangerines…a Still Life

Hello everyone,

….Swarup here, sharing a still life composition with you all. I have used Niji oil pastels for my painting today.

Not all oil pastels are made alike. Although all of them are soft, very few are as buttery and creamy as these! They are simply a pleasure to work with!

If you are new to oil pastels and have never used them before, then you might find them a bit like oil paints, opaque and rich in color, with the same blending abilities.The way these are used are not very different than most dry mediums.  These blend easily, but when you layer colors, be careful and go slow. Blend as you go, either with your fingers, tortillions or silicone blenders.
Here is a step by step tutorial of my composition, but this is just scratching the surface of the oil pastel world, you can achieve some wonderful effects and textures with these, give them a try!


Niji Oil Pastels

Paper with a bit of tooth to it, like rough handmade paper or watercolor paper.


Sketch the tangerines  and lay down the colors


Continue to apply color and blend well before you apply the next layer. This helps in achieving a smooth finish.

I gave the tangerines a table to sit on!

And some blue, green vases for company…

If you observe my final framed piece above, I have increased the size of the green vase and reduced the size of the front left tangerine…it’s that easy to correct if you make a mistake or change the design. You could also use linseed oil or baby oil to smooth and blend, but I prefer it dry and simply used my fingers and the blender to do so.

Now, wasn’t that easy?

7 thoughts on “Tangerines…a Still Life

  1. You make it look so easy!! I have used pastels before and made a circle but they NEVER turned out like yours!! Beautiful work!!

  2. I’m new to oil pastels and this makes me want to try them more!

  3. I’ve been trying to use Yasutomo Traditional Chinese Ink (Ultra Black) with my dip pen and found it doesn’t seem to flow very well. I read it has twice the carbon to pigment the ink, and so it’s not to be used in refillable pens (like Rapidograph). So if I dilute it with Distilled water a bit would it flow better, or should I just quit using it with my pen? Thank You.

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