“Grow Love” with Chinese Watercolors

Grow Love Niji

1. Heavy cardstock or watercolor paper or card
2. Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolors
3. Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Ink Black
4. (optional) stencil of your choice for background. I used a stencil from Stencil Girl
5. (optional) simple alphabet stencil
6. Design for hand
7. Gampi Silk Tissue paper or plain white tissue paper
8. Nori paste and water
9. Quote or words of your choice ( I used “Grow Love”)
10. (optional) UV protectant spray in Matte or Satin. I used Krylon brand

Note: For this painting I used bright, mottled color mixtures of yellow and red Yasutomo Chinese Watercolors for the background.


1. Paint the background with Yasutomo Chinese Watercolors. Choose colors that you like or that suit the theme .
2. Add a border element. I used part of a stencil from Stencil Girl stencils that I gently dabbed with some Authentic Chinese Ink in Black. You need to make sure that the dauber that you are using is not too wet in order
for this to work well and not smear.
3. Use a letter stencil to add a word in a pale color to the background of the piece. I used the word “Love” with a one inch alphabet stencil and pale white ink.
4. I printed my hand design on Gampi silk tissue and affixed it to the background with a watered mixture of Nori Paste. Using this technique with tissue paper makes the hand appear to be nearly invisible.
5. Print your main words onto Gampi silk tissue or white tissue paper and add them to the painting. Here, I used “Grow Love” on Gampi silk tissue. I added it with the same Nori paste and water mixture.
6. If needed add more black to your main (hand) image using Authentic Chinese ink in black.
7. If needed add a ‘color pop’. Here I added a brighter green to the cuff and fingernail with Yasutomo Chinese Watercolors.
8.(optional) Spray with a UV protectant or spray finish. This will protect the painting as well as set all of the elements. I used Krylon brand matte finish for this project.

Background Close Up

Background Close Up

One thought on ““Grow Love” with Chinese Watercolors

  1. The composition is wonderful, but the depth of color and the pops of green really make this a great card.

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