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Lea, bringing you a very special post.  This is very near and dear to my heart.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  While I never had breast cancer, I’ve had a similar experience with another form.  After many surgeries, and chronic health issues to contend with; I am very happy to be creating and going forward in my journey – I am blessed!  I know a few friends who have had breast cancer and like me, treatments are no fun!  Let’s take a pause today and send our love to all going through treatments at this moment, and that cure for cancers are near.

My project today is encouraging words as a cover of a gift box.  I like to create little gifts for those I know who are going through a hard time, no matter the reason.  The box can have almost anything.  A lot of times I like to include polished stones or semi-precious stones that have healing attributes.

Quote Stamp:

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence, by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face

You must do the thing which think you cannot do —– Eleanor Roosevelt “

Yasutomo/Niji Supplies:

Niji Splash Inks

Niji Pearlescent Watercolors

Permawriter – Black 

Gel Extreme Pens – Pastel

Nori Paste

Niji Water Brush

Calligraphy Bamboo  Brush

Oval Shaped Palette

Other Products:

140 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Accents as You Wish

niji oct 16 j mixing magenta pink

Mix up colors of Splash Inks in your palette.  For the light magenta, I added water to a few drops of Magenta color.  Use the guide in the package to find the exact color pink/magenta you want.  The card tells you EXACTLY how much water and what color inks you need.  Easy as adding drops to the palette.

niji oct 16 i drying between

Between layers of color and shades, use a stamping heat setting tool to dry your watercolor paper.  Turn paper over too, helps to keep away too much buckling of the paper.

niji oct 16 h mixing into the magenta

Mixing more color.

niji oct 16 g gell extreme

After the quote painting dries.  I used the white Gel Extreme pen to “pop” the white in the eyeballs in the word “look.”  I also didn’t like how dark a letter was, so I used the white to clear the color and then went back in with a lighter color.  Works well.  A couple other colors from the Gel Extreme Pastel Set, helps make a couple of the boxed letters “pop’ as well.

niji oct 16 f bamboo brushes

Splash Inks are used to paint the basic colors of the other image piece.  I mixed both yellow and pink stars, pink = breast cancer ribbon color.  The yellow stars are slightly shaded with orange.  While I use the Water brush, I also use the calligraphy brush.  The next photo will show you that I am also using the Pearlescent watercolors, so the Calligraphy brush works great as well.  Go back and forth between both brushes as needed.

niji oct 16 e water pen pearlescent

The finished project photo and this one doesn’t show the Pearlescent color.  I used the Pearlescent watercolors on the face and hair.  I was able to achieve the shading  in the face and hair.  See that yummy taupe color on the Pearlescent palette?  It is perfect for the face.

Notice:  I used the white Extreme Gel pen again to highlight the lips.

niji oct 16 a

Close up of the face.   On areas where the black ink has dulled in the stamped image, I used the Permawriter to sharpen the black.

niji oct 16 d permawriter

Accents of flowers and hearts (painted with Splash Inks) are added for a finished look.

Remember those who have chronic illnesses, give some love, a gift, or positive thoughts to those in need!

For more information or to order these products, please go to

Cre8tively Yours – Lea

Lea is a current member of the Niji Creative Collective Design Team

6 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Wonderful Lea! 🙂

  2. Blending Splash Inks is always so much fun and gives such depth of color. Love the design and the words–all with perfect timing!

  3. Beautiful Lea! would love to know the maker of the face stamp or did you draw it yourself…simply lovely !

  4. Beautiful post. I love the use of color in this design!

  5. Quite lovely, Lea!

  6. Well done! I love it!

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