Watercolor Image Transfer

Terri Sproul here and I love to work with different mediums. Yasutomo is the perfect company for me to be a part of the design team, look at all the fun stuff I get to play with!  I do love to make transfers and in this post I did just that.


Image to Transfer:  I got my image in my MailBox Muse kit
Black Matte
Golden Paints:  Gel Medium
Water Bottle
1)  Start by making your image transfer:
       a)  Brush on gel medium to both the image and the paper you are adding the image to.  NOT too heavy, a nice light even coat on the image and the paper.
       b)  Place image side down to the paper you want the image to placed.
       c)  Let dry.
       d)  Spray water on image paper too get wet, take finger and rub off all the paper.  You image will remain on the paper you adhere too.
2)  After I was done transferring the image, it’s now time to play.  I got my Niji Pearlscent Watercolor out and starting playing,  I painted my watercolors first and using my Niji Waterbrush (love them) to add color to my background.
3)  Adhere my work of art to the  black background paper using Yasutomo Nori Paste.
Thanks for stopping by!
Terri Sproul

One thought on “Watercolor Image Transfer

  1. Love the way the color is not only pearlescent, but so rich looking! Great transfer!

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