Freeform Pink Hair

Hello! It’s Tessa from How To Make Art, and I’m here to show you a fun project using Niji Splash Inks.  I’ve been working with them a lot lately, and they are so versatile and fun!  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to make a project that focused on the color pink.  Hope you enjoy it!



*Watercolor Paper

*.05 Y&C Permawriter

*Niji Splash Inks



Here is the finished piece:

Step 1: Do a pencil sketch of a woman in your own style of drawing, but leave out her hair.
Step 2: Go over your pencil lines with the .05 Permawriter pen.
Erase your pencil lines.
Step 3: Paint your face with Niji Splash Inks in light brown, flesh, pink, and blue.  Look at your Splash Ink color chart that comes in the package to find out how to mix these colors.
Here is my first ink application with light brown for shadows:
Then here she is with the additional colors added with flesh for the face, pink for the lips and blush, and blue for her eyes:
Step 4: Create the hair and collar by using the pink and blue that you previously mixed up.  Lay down a heavy coat of water where you want the hair to go.  Now use a dropper to apply your pink Splash Ink onto the area you have saturated with water.   Move your color around a bit with your brush, but let the edges fan out, creating freeform edges that are fun and unexpected.  Do the same with the blue as you create the collar.
Step 5: Add some embellishments with your .05 Permawriter after the piece dries.
Hope you have fun making art!

2 thoughts on “Freeform Pink Hair

  1. Wonderful use of wet-in-wet technique!

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