Faux Spider Mum Blooms

Paper FLowers 11


  • Yasutomo Fold Em’ Origami Paper – Solid Colors
  • Card Stock remnants in a coordinating color
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Xacto (or similar) knife witha fresh, sharp, blade (be careful!)
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Painter’s Tape for delicate surfaces – I used 3M brand
  • Glue: type 1. I used hot glue for this project.
  • Glue: type 2. Some sort of double sided adhesive. I used a My Stix roller with permanent glue.


  1. For this project all of the  step-by-step directions are indicated below each photo

I would also like to give credit to a wonderful book that inspired me to create these cheerful faux Spider Mum blooms. It’s called “Paper Blooms”  by Jeffery Ruddell. It was published by Lark Crafts in April of 2013, and it is a delightful book filled with color and  precise, well done, step-by-step directions. Without this book I would not have been inspired to adjust Jeffery’s directions  just a bit in order to speed up the creation of these fun ,faux blooms.

Paper flowers 1

Tape a piece Yasutomo FoldEm’s solid color Origami paper to a cutting mat using painter’s tape for delicate surfaces on the top and bottom of

the paper sheet . Cover about 1/4 – 1/2 an inch on both ends with the tape. It’s important to use tape for delicate surfaces so that you will not tear the paper when you remove the tape.

Paper Flowers 2

Using a ruler and an Xacto Knife with a new, sharp, blade (or use a similar knife type. I used a Fiskar’s brand here) and a ruler

cut the paper every 1/8 of an inch. You can use larger cuts but the will result in flowers that are not as delicate.

Paper Flowers 3a

When all of the paper is cut very carefully remove the tape at the edges. Go slowly or you may tear the paper.
Paper Flowers 3b

Apply double sided adhesive ( I used MyStix permanent roller glue) along the lower edge on the paper.
Paper Flowers 4

Carefully roll the top of the paper towards the bottom, glued, edge. Line the top and bottom up and glue them togetherPaper FLowers 5bPaper Flowers 5

Roll the paper around something round -like the handle of a large paint brush handle which I used in these photos.

Add a dab of glue at the end, I used hot glue.  Carefully and gently, slide the bloom off the handle.

Be careful to add glue only to the paper. Do not get any on the handle because it will be difficult to slide the flower off if you do!

Ask me how I know this!

Paper Flowers 6

If desired you can add a decorative ‘collar’  end to the end of the flower by cutting a 1/2 inch piece of piece of

cardstock in a coordinating color and gluing it to the base of the flower.Paper Flowers 7

Cut a 1/2  wide X the width-of- your-flower-long piece of scrap cardstock and roll it around your finger or other tool (like the handle of the paintbrush).

Gently unroll it and insert it into the end of the flower. This provides a support for the floral wire which is inserted into the middle -as shown above.

Carefully support the flower with your other hand so that the ‘flower’ is not crushed on a table ,

and insert a length of floral wire into the middle of the flower and the paper insert.  Completely fill with glue.

As I mentioned I found that hot glue was the easiest for this step.

Allow the glue to cool and set. I let floral hang on a “third hand” tool  to dry completely after it had set up enough to keep the wire firmly in place.

Paper Flowers 8 leaves


If desired you can also make some leaf forms. I cut the leaf shape and then sliced them in the same manner

as I did the flowers, using a cut every 1/8 of an inch. If you choose to make leaves,

ensure that you leave a tail on the bottom so that you can attach them  to the wire with floral tape.Paper FLowers 9 floral tape

Begin to wrap the bottom of the flower with floral tape and then continuing winding the tape along the length of your floral wire.

For more substance or support you can add a second layer of tape. If you have made leaves, add them to the wire as well  as you wind.Paper Flowers 10 finished bouquest

Voila! A cheerful bouquest of faux spider mums will add a spot of color on a grey, or sunny, day!Paper Flowers 14

Paper Flowers 13

One thought on “Faux Spider Mum Blooms

  1. A lovely project , so colorful and well explained!

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