I LOVE decorating and altering birdhouses.  They are a cute little miniature of all the houses I wish I lived in.  Who wouldn’t love to live in a house that is circular, or one shaped like a star? 





Materials Used:


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Gather your supplies.  Aren’t the papers lovely?  And that gold paint is one of the best paints I’ve ever used!!  
You will cut 2 strips from the red, green and patterned papers 4″ x 3/4″.  Cut another piece from the patterned paper, 4″ x 1 1/2″, which will be for the top of the house.


Place the strips of paper across the shingles on the roof.  Using a scoring tool (or your finger nail like I did) trace the shingle shape into the paper.  Then, cut off the excess.  Leave enough length on the paper to cover the ends of the roof.

Finish cutting all of your pieces of paper.


Using a paint brush, apply Nori Paste to the house and then the pre-cut paper.  Start gluing from the bottom up.  Remember to wrap it around the front and back edges!  Glue the top on last.  

Paint the house gold and leave it all to dry.



Make some details on the front of the birdhouse.  I used the totally awesome Gel Xtreme pens.  I love them~~


I gave a friend one of the bird houses I make last Christmas.  I think this would make a perfect gift for your holidays!


Thanks so much for visiting!!

Stay Crafty, my friends…..



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