Mixed Media Backgrounds for Art Journaling

Hi, I’m Diana, and today I’m going to show you how I use splash inks to make beautiful mixed media backgrounds, in just a few steps.

You’ll need:


cheapie art journal

Splash Ink Acrylic Mixing Colors

Rubber stamps/Stencils

Baby wipes

decorative paper/Scrapbook paper

Nori Paste

Oil Pastels

So, I should mention that I just used a cheapie notebook from Barnes & Noble. I didn’t have a whole lot of money for a real fancy sort of art journal, so I just bought a lined book. I bought it, because in addition to art pages, I like to also glue things down, and then be able to write things too-lists, and goals, etc.


So the first step is gather some of your favorite scrapbook paper, and your Nori paste.


You’re going to tear up the sheets into small squares.


Now, glue the paper onto your page.  Your page should look a bit like this.




Now, you can get out your gesso and gesso over the pages lightly. I used a credit card, because I don’t want to completely cover the scrapbook paper. My goal is just to “white it out” a bit, so that you can still see the paper through the ink that will be applied later.

IMG_20131105_115316 IMG_20131105_115336

After you’ve applied the gesso, and let it dry, you’re then going to need to get out a few wipes, and your splash inks. Add drops of each color onto the wipe, and apply as a brush, or crumple the wipe, and just dab it onto the page.

Here’s what a couple of my pages ended up looking like:



Next, if you want, you can use a similar approach and use your baby wipes as a sort of “ink pad” and use stencils and stamps, as I’ve done on these pages. Experiment with mixing colors.



After that, to finish a page, I got out my oil pastels, and an illustration I had made of a blue fairy. Using a blue oil pastel crayon, I journaled in the background. I wrote a wish that I would ask the blue fairy, since in the story of Pinocchio, the blue fairy made your wishes come true.


Now, here’s a page, all finished:


Happy crafting!


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