Marbled Ink

Hello everyone,

Today I am sharing a technique rather than a project. If you are a regular on this blog, you must have seen some awesome marbling projects done using Splash inks, inspired by those I decided to use just black ink to create a marbled effect.

Supplies …

Yasutomo Rice paper,

Yasutomo Sumi Ink

A container to hold the water.

A very simple process …..

Take water in a container and add a just a drop of ink and let it spread on it’s own or if you would like to create a pattern, slowly move the ink, be careful not to move it too much or you would be left with black water!  (no prizes for guessing how  I know! )

Drop the sheet of paper into the water and carefully lift it to see a beautiful marbled pattern on the paper!

Here are some samples.

Sometimes you can see some really lovely  patterns in them…in the one below I see a dragon…

and a fish….

Super easy, give it a try,  especially with kids! Have fun!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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