Christmas is Coming!


One of my favorite products is the Niji Pearlescent Watercolors!  The versatility of bold to subtle is fantastic!!!  My project shows how you can create vintage art for Christmas.  Simple shading also adds to the finished art, ready to be made into a card.

Dec Inspiration VLVS A

In my other post this month I drew my own image.  This time I used a Vintage Santa Claus image and trees to create the focal point of the art.

I had fun using a pencil and one of the lighter copper colors to apply lots of dots.  Once I add my water to the palette, I press the eraser end of a pencil into the watercolor and start adding the dots to decorative paper.  I stamp it a couple times as the color gets lighter and lighter.  Splashes of blue and white, creates a snowy background.

SantaWashes of color add the vintage coloring and shading.  If you notice, the cuffs of Santa’s coat and hat have light blue added for shadows.  Also added is the red and green for the holly on his hat.  Green, taupe, and copper shades create Santa’s sack.  The fire is several shades including red.  Red is also added on top of the flag – over the blue to make it aged.

santa shading

Here is a close up of the blue added to the cuff.  Also notice that the hand is done in the taupe as the light shade, and a light copper for the shading.

The edges of the paper is distressed with a razor and red added to bring out specific areas of the edges.

Make your cards and Christmas art special.  It doesn’t take long when using the right medium!  Niji Pearlescent Watercolor Palette is my choice!

Cre8tivelea Yours – Lea

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