Sea Salt Texture

Hi, it’s Tessa from How to Make Art, and I’m going to show you a fun technique using Niji Splash Inks and sea salt!

Here’s what you will need:
*Eye dropper for water
*Coarse (large grain) sea salt
STEP ONE: Do a light pencil drawing that you intend to fill in with paint.  In your drawing, make sure you have a large area that you want to add texture to.  In my drawing, I made a girl standing behind a wall.  I intend to add texture to the wall.
STEP TWO: Mix up the colors of Splash Ink you intend to use on your piece.  Fill in the large area that you want to add your texture to, and make sure you use a heavy, wet coating of splash ink.  As soon as you finish blocking in the area, sprinkle some sea salt on the paint in random areas.
STEP THREE: Allow the Splash Ink to dry completely before brushing off the salt.  Once you do brush the salt off, you will see that it has created a unique, random, and organic looking texture:
STEP FOUR: Fill in the rest of your piece with Splash Inks.
STEP FIVE: Refine your drawing by using the .05 and .07 Permawriter pens.  Start with the .05 Permawriter for fine details, then create larger lines with the .07 Permawriter to finish off the edges of your drawing.  Now you’re done!
Thanks for making art with me today!

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