Recycle and Make New

Hi, Tuko here. I’m not really very crafty but I saw something so clever I had to share it.  I was also inspired by Karen Elaine’s post. What you need:


Yasutomo Nori Paste, Yuzen Origami Paper, cardboard roll from toilet paper, a brush for applying the glue, and scissors.


Apply the glue on to the cardboard roll, just a lengthwise strip to start.


Attach the origami paper on that glue start, centering the roll to the paper. The paper will be too long on both ends.


Add more glue in length wise strips on to the cardboard roll and wrap the paper all the way around, glue down the end.


Make cuts to the roll on both sides for easy folding over. The cuts don’t have to be that close together.


Fold over and glue down on both sides for a nice neat edge, very important in origami (and gift wrapping).


Now you can take a messy cord like this and clean it  up. Wish the cleaning fairies would come and clean up the rest of my studio.


2 thoughts on “Recycle and Make New

  1. This looks a LOT better than using rubber bands–which disintegrate really quickly in Phoenix. I also use this method (by cutting the tube into more narrow rings) to hold matching socks together. Much better than wearing one navy and one black sock!

  2. I love that idea, so useful and Pretty!

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