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Niji Oil Pastel

Robin Nest Cardstock

Robin Nest Little Friends


Nori Paste
I like to make greeting cards, and I try and have a collection of cards that are ready to use when any occasion arises.

1.  Color your white card stock with several colors of  metallic oil pastels.  I like to color in small sections so you can see more color when you scratch off.

2.  Cover all color completely with BLACK oil pastel.

3.  Cover with a stencil of choice (or you can hand draw).  I used this heart stencil from Creative Imaginations. Take a pointed wooden stick  and scratch off the black oil pastel  using the stencil as your guide.

I did the same technique for the inside of my card but I did not remove the black oil pastel coating. I am waiting until I need this card for a specific occasion, then I will add my quote.
Hope you are inspired by my project this time around and stop by the Yasutomo website and get yourself some Oil Pastels.
Thanks again for stopping by!
Terri Sproul

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