Valentine’s Day Card

HeartNo matter your age or who your sweetie is, Valentine’s Day is a day to send beautiful, hand-made, cards with a sweet, sentimental message.

Niji and AlteredPages got together and allowed us to download five of Altered Pages fabulous digital collage backgrounds. It was fun choosing from the many different styles they have. I chose ones that worked with Valentine’s Day–“Love Words,” and “Script.”

Today, I chose to make an old-fashioned woven heart–invented by story-teller and poet Hans Christian Andersen in 1860, updated with trendy materials from these two arty companies!

The heart is cut from two different, folded pieces of paper, and then woven together. Because the paper is folded, it also opens into a secret pocket, useful for tucking a loving message into. These are easy enough to help your children make for school projects, too. And even if they are more than a century and a half old, the design is still fresh and lovely.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

Start by painting  a piece of mixed-media paper (about 6 inches x 10 inches)  with a mix of Yasutomo reds in the watercolor paints.

Heart1When it is dry, paint the other side a slightly different red color. I added sumi-e gold for a different look. On the front, use a brush to add gold.

heart2On the other side, sponge some gold for a rich, textural look.

ScriptThe other piece of paper should be a completely different look. I used the Altered Pages “Script” sheet, shown reduced on the left.

Fold each piece of paper in half, creating a piece 5 inches wide and 6 inches long. On the side opposite the fold, cut a rounded top. Repeat with the other piece of paper. You can cut the rounded top, which will be the tops of the heart, with a decorative scissors for a designed edge. I decided to keep mine simple.

Place the paper so the rounded (open) edge is on top and the folded (straight cut) side is on the bottom.

heart3Cut from bottom to top to divide each piece into four pieces. You will need three cuts to do this: The first one will divide the piece in two, the second will divide one half in two, cut three will divide the other half in two. Do not cut further than the point where the curve starts.

HeartPlace the two pieces so you can “weave” the strips together. Weaving is done by gently opening the strips, and pushing the opposing strip through it. Here’s a video that shows the steps and may be useful.

When the heart is complete, you will discover you can open it like a pocket. It’s perfect for a secret message. I cut out the words “I love you” from the Altered Pages “Love Words” and wrote a private message on the back before tucking it into the heart.

Have a wonderful Valentine!

-Quinn McDonald is a member of the Niji Design Team and the author of The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal published by North Light books.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Card

  1. Ooh, I love this!

  2. This is lovely… the text looks beautiful woven in the heart. Thanks!

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