Mermaid Love


I know I have used the ocean as a theme for many of my posts and once again I go to my favorite place so I hope you will indulge me yet another time.

Today’s illustration was done using Splash Inks, Niji Waterbrushes, Yasutomo Sumi Ink and a sharp round brush for inking, Nori paste and anothe brush for gluing, an old paperback book and watercolor paper.

I always start with a quick sketch.


Then on watercolor paper, or in this case I used a coated archival chipboard, I redraw the image I want. I made some changes while I was drawing onto the board (I’m sure you noticed the sketch was a little different from the final on top).

Before inking in the lines I painted the water using Splash Ink watercolors and a flat Niji Waterbrush.



I then inked in the whole thing using my round brush and the Yasutomo Sumi Ink which I absolutely love.


I inked in everything but the water. For that I wanted to do in collage using paper from an old paperback book.


I tore some pages out out and ripped them into tiny pieces for my collage water. Then I glued them using the Nori paste we’ve all grown to love. It was time consuming and I did think for a moment that maybe I made a mistake in wanting to be so trendy. But in the end I just told myself this was good therapy.



Once all the pasting was completed and dry, I painted the rest of the drawing. I gave the mermaid a slightly blue face because after all, she is underwater. In the hair I added more dashes with a little darker shade of her hair.


To make the water collage more subtle I decided to add turquoise blue paint, again with the flat Niji Waterbrush.


Then to add that little extra sparkle I used one of hearts that have a sticky back that you can find in a hobby store, I just happened to have one lying around.


And that’s how it’s done, with a lot of love! Have a great day!

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