Iris Folded Heart

I am sharing an Iris Folded heart with a tutorial!  I love Iris Folding and origami paper is perfect for this!  It is thin and easily folded.  Because it is thin you don’t get a lot of bulk which is Awesome!!


4306 Yuzen Origami Paper

4251 Origami Paper

4305 Animal Print Origami Paper

Ivory Cardstock

Kraft Cardstock

Red Marker

Use a craft knife to cut a heart out of the center of  the Ivory Cardstock.  Cut some kraft cardstock and fold it in half to make a card base.  Leave enough space around the heart so it will fit nicely on the card you just made.

I like to sketch my design before I start.  On the left I just wrote where the 3 colors of paper will go and in which direction.  I call this a swirl pattern.  On the right, I made a pattern that I could use to make a more interesting design.  I did the swirl pattern for my heart.  Take your paper and cut it into 1 inch strips. Now, fold them in half.  The center of the design will be empty.  With either of these designs, there will be a triangle in the center.

Now, get your tape ready!  I start with my first 2 pieces of each color.  I start the pattern by placing them at different angles around the heart.  Tape the first one, and then place the second strip on top at an angle and tape it.  I don’t do precise measuring.  Just each piece a little over the last, going clockwise.  Be sure to keep your folded edge towards the center.  Each section is at a different angle.  And each piece overlaps the last.  Keep going around in a circle.

This is the back.  I just keep adding pieces on top of the last.  Be sure to not show the edges and be sure the heart doesn’t have any open areas.

Here is the front.  Keep checking the front as you tape another circle.  If there is a problem, you can fix it before it is too late!

The back looks like a hot mess!  But don’t worry!  The front is the magic!!  I tape all around the edges of the design, just to make sure it is tight all around.  And when you turn it over, you get….

Magic!!  I take the left over strips and made them a border on the card.  I also used a bit of white paper for the center, since the card base is kraft.  You can ink the outside, or stamp.  Use pastels or watercolors!  I just wrote the word “forever” and made a heart.  I think my Iris Folded heart came out perfect and I didn’t want to take away from that.


That’s it!  Try Iris Folding for yourself!  It is much easier than you think!  If you do try Iris Folding please tell me, I’d love to see it!!  



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