Letterpress Stationary

I love the look of letterpress, it always takes ordinary stationary to the next level …. add a touch of gold and you have something you might find at a high end boutique!

These are so easy to make at home and I guess I should warn you …these are addictive,..once you start..hard to stop.. almost like chocolates!

Here is what you will need to make these notecards….


Letterpress paper/Watercolor paper,

L Letterpress kit or any embossing folder and a die cutting machine. (I used the L Letterpress platform with my Big Shot machine)

Niji chinese watercolors,

Pale gold Sumi-e-watercolor

Niji Waterbrush
I started by letterpressing the sentiment ‘Thank you’,

Using a damp brush, draw a flower and drop in the colors and let them blend and dry

Wet the rest of the areas and drop in the greens.

With the help of a ruler, I drew the gold border . This paint is very creamy and opaque and lays down extremely well. In fact the shine is lovely too, but I could not capture that well enough!

Here are the other two colors in the set…

If  you do not have letterpress kit, then you could use your regular embossing folder to deboss an image of your choice and go from there. The success of this technique depends largely on your choice of paper, so use 100% cotton if possible. Also use a gold paint which is truly opaque since that is the highlight of this project.

I always have a set of these notecards on hand, especially thank you notes and I hope you will give them a try too….

Thanks for stopping by today!


3 thoughts on “Letterpress Stationary

  1. This is a gorgeous set. Your colouring is just fabulous!

  2. These are so pretty! I may try to make some.

  3. Lovely cards. I’m inspired!

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