Splash Ink Doodle

I love to doodle.  And I love to tangle.  This project is definitely a doodle, but might be a tangle?  I’m calling it a deconstructed tangle, with color!



I got my supplies ready.  In addition to the inks, paper and markers, I got my Splash recipe card and some pots to put the ink in.


I filled a mister with a nice subtle green from the portrait section of  recipes.  I sprayed the ink all over the paper.  I love this!!  Look at the depth of color you get.  the light areas into darker, with some white spaces still there.  Let this dry.  Keep adding color until you are satisfied.

I love this part, mixing colors to get the most perfect, true shades.  A little ink, maybe a little water added with a medicine dropper, mix it up and you have magic!!

I doodled these ribbons?, squigglies?, S shapes?, with the Splash and just kept adding them.  When I felt I had enough of them I outlined them with my white Gel Xtreme marker and added dots and circles.  In the center, I wrote my word for the year, which is “Simplify”.

Once again, my finished piece.  

 What kind of deconstructed tangles can you make with Splash Ink?  We’d love to see them!  Leave a comment and tell us where we can find you!


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