Like Stained Glass

Hi! It’s Tessa from How to Make Art here to share with you a fun project using Splash Inks.  This project is inspired by a stained glass window that I had in my childhood home that depicted a colorful butterfly. Here is what the finished piece will look like:

Here’s what you will need:

*Niji Splash Inks

*Dropper for water to mix colors

*Palette for mixing colors

*Drawing paper


*Yasutomo Traditional Chinese Ink in Ultra Black


Step One:  Make a pencil sketch of a butterfly.

Step Two: Using the Chinese Ink, go over your outline of the butterfly.  Don’t forget to add a black border around the image as well.

Step Three: Mix up some colors of Splash Ink, and fill in the spaces with your colors.  I love how vibrant the Splash Inks look up against the black!

Step Four: You can tape the finished piece to a window to mimic a real stained glass window!  Light will shine through the colors in the wings.

I hope you enjoyed this project!

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