Toothbrush Mist Effect

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share a simple misting technique using Niji Splash Ink and…. A toothbrush! It’s a fun technique, and great to keep in mind if you want to mist some color on your art, but you don’t have any misters or spray bottles on hand.





Begin by getting some color ready.  Mix  desired colors using Niji Splash Ink. Once you have the right color, add a little water to thin it down. (I used pure magenta and cyan here.)





Now dip the toothbrush into the ink, and shake off any excess drips. The bristles still hold plenty of color! Holding the brush over your scrap paper, test out the technique. Rub your thumb down and over the brush head, and watch the misting fun begin!





Once you’ve mastered it and feel confident, you can apply the technique to layouts, artwork, cards, anything crafty!




Here’s my finished layout:



Doesn’t this look fun! Are you willing to try it? Let me know! 


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4 thoughts on “Toothbrush Mist Effect

  1. Awesome technique! Beautiful layout! I’m off to find a toothbrush I can use! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Super Fun Rebecca! Love it!

  3. I really like the way that looks with the platter. Of course that picture of Mason playing in the powder at the color blaze is perfect for this technique and color all over the background.

  4. Such a fun technique…always creates such unique results! Super cute LO ~ TFS!

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