Gypsy Girl

Hello everyone, Swarup here with a mixed media project using Splash Inks, Watercolors and Permawriter.

It’s a picture heavy sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy!



 Splash inks



Unity Stamps- Windows to the soul

watercolor paper 140#cold press

Stamp the image using waterbased ink.

Color using Splash Inks.

Doodle using Permawriter-black.

a closer look ….

Hope you liked it!

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Watercoloring Stamped Images

Hello everyone,

I have a video showing you how I watercolor a stamped image. It’s one of my favorite ways of coloring an image and I  love how it ends up looking like a painting!



Authentic Chinese watercolors,

Black ink

Watercolor paper-140# cold press

Niji Waterbrush




Hope you enjoyed the video…thanks so much for stopping by!

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Video-Pouring inks

Today, I have a  technique video showing you one of my favorite ways of using Splash Inks by Yasutomo Niji. These inks are so versatile and almost glow when they dry!

A while back, I had done a stepped out tutorial using the same technique, but today I thought of sharing a video so it would be easier to follow.


Here is the supply list..

Watercolor paper-140# cold Pressed,

Niji Splash Inks,

Masking Fluid,

Stamps-Cleasly Besotted-Happy everything,PTI-Inside and out -Thank You

Masking tape, Spray Mister, Tissues


Here is the video..


A close up…

Hope you enjoyed the video..thanks so much for stopping by

Splash A Landscape

I have been playing with my Splash Inks again !
.  ……and have a landscape to prove it!

Today’s project is a perfect example of ‘letting the paints/inks do their job’ motto of mine. Over the years I have realized that the less I fiddle with the paints, the fresher and purer the results are . I feel  the final piece definitely looks much brighter this way. When I keep going back with a brush, trying to adjust the values, there is a always a chance that the final piece might end up being muddy and overworked.

So, today, I revisited that motto and just let the colors be!

Here is a list of supplies..

Splash Inks

Niji Waterbrsuh flat

Watercolor paper-140# cold press,

Sentiment stamp-CAS-ual Fridays-Breathe

Dampen the paper and apply the color directly from the bottle.

Start layering colors and keep spraying water to help them mix and blend. I worked wet in wet… did not let the colors dry before layering more.

There will come a point when you start seeing shapes or a picture come to life. I stop at that point and then with the help of a brush, start adding the finer details to complete the picture. In this case, I have added the black silhouette tress and foreground and also lifted some color with a wet brush and tissue to achieve some highlights.

Finally stamp the sentiment and done!

The best part of this technique is that you don’t have a plan nor a sketch or a definite idea of how it will turn out. With not much control, the final piece is often an interesting surprise! It helps to  loosen up  and break free. I love doing something like this when I am stuck for ideas or when I just want to experiment with color mixes or techniques.

I hope you will give this one a try!


Letterpress Stationary

I love the look of letterpress, it always takes ordinary stationary to the next level …. add a touch of gold and you have something you might find at a high end boutique!

These are so easy to make at home and I guess I should warn you …these are addictive,..once you start..hard to stop.. almost like chocolates!

Here is what you will need to make these notecards….


Letterpress paper/Watercolor paper,

L Letterpress kit or any embossing folder and a die cutting machine. (I used the L Letterpress platform with my Big Shot machine)

Niji chinese watercolors,

Pale gold Sumi-e-watercolor

Niji Waterbrush
I started by letterpressing the sentiment ‘Thank you’,

Using a damp brush, draw a flower and drop in the colors and let them blend and dry

Wet the rest of the areas and drop in the greens.

With the help of a ruler, I drew the gold border . This paint is very creamy and opaque and lays down extremely well. In fact the shine is lovely too, but I could not capture that well enough!

Here are the other two colors in the set…

If  you do not have letterpress kit, then you could use your regular embossing folder to deboss an image of your choice and go from there. The success of this technique depends largely on your choice of paper, so use 100% cotton if possible. Also use a gold paint which is truly opaque since that is the highlight of this project.

I always have a set of these notecards on hand, especially thank you notes and I hope you will give them a try too….

Thanks for stopping by today!



Yesterday, as I stood by the window overlooking our garden, I could not but remember how it used to be filled with bright yellow day lilies all summer long!

The winter this year has dumped so much snow, I have barely seen the ground in the last couple of months! Dark grey days like these truly inspire me to paint something bright and cheery and colorful.

I chose to paint some lilies  and here is the supply list.

Niji Chinese Watercolors

Niji waterbrush

Stamps-Clearly Besotted and Papertrey Ink

Stamp the image

Color the flower and dampen the area around it with water.

Drop in the background colors..I have used grey, brown, green  and blue .

Once dry, stamp the sentiment.

a closer look…

Spring is right around the corner and very soon these lilies will be blooming, until then let’s paint some!


Hand Lettering

Hand written letters seem to be such a lost form of communication these days. Rarely do I receive a handwritten note!

My handwriting is not something that would pass the calligrapher’s test but it’s pretty decent, if I may say so myself. It was not always like that, in fact way back in school, my writing was often in the limelight ..for all the wrong reasons ..of course!

We used to have Cursive writing books and an entire class would be devoted to writing practice and mistakes were just not permitted in the workbook, one mistake and we had re- write the whole sentence 10 ..10 mistakes….well you know the math!

So with all that practice, my handwriting turned out ok by middle school, but I feel it started to look even better once we started using fountain pens. But I still need to practice and better my hand and hopefully, someday be good enough to do Calligraphy !

For now I fill sketchbooks!

Today I thought of sharing my sketchbook with you all, it’s my lettering journal . I try to practice everyday and jot down a quote that catches my eye!

Even today I prefer  fluid ink based pens for journaling. Lately I have been using Dip pens with Yasutomo Sumi ink and am loving the deep dark black that the Sumi Ink provides.

For on the’s always nice to have a couple of Permawriters. They make it so easy and quick and since they are waterproof, I can go over them if I decide to use watercolors.

A doodled page below using Permawriters

Here I have used Gel Xtreme pens -pastel set

Hope I have inspired you to pick up a pen and start writing again, let’s save this art before it gets extinct!

Disclaimer: The quotes in this post are not my own  and  have been gathered from around the web and books, I do not know the origin or source of the quotes to give them due credit . If anyone knows, do leave me a comment below and I will add the due credits.


Blown Ink

Blown Ink!

…sounds interesting doesn’t it?

I guess we have all tried this technique long before it was even called a technique! Haven’t we all blown watercolors through a straw as kids. I used to do it all the time and really enjoyed coming up with new forms and shapes. Lately it’s becoming extremely popular in abstract art . Sometime back I had tried this with watercolors and created a is a link. Today, I thought of trying this with Splash Inks.

Here are a couple of stepped out pics. There is not much to it, just blow through a straw and see some fantastic shapes appear before your eyes!


Yasutomo Niji Splash Inks,

Niji Waterbrush,

Watercolor Paper


Dampen the area a bit and drop a hint of magenta and blow using a straw.

Continue until you achieve your desired form. Mix different greens using the color chart provided with the Splash Inks and sketch around the flowers using the waterbrush.

I loved it so much, I made another one and you can see how each one will be different from the other which makes this so much fun!

Hope you like it and give it a try!

I am having a Splash Ink giveaway on my blog , do stop by if you would like to win one of these lovelies!

See ya!