I love using my Splash Ink in different ways.  I made this card with some stamps and made a Splash spray on the background.  I colored the stamped butterflies and flowers with Splash Ink too.

To start, I cut some watercolor paper.  Then, I mixed 3 Splash Ink Colors to use.  I picked a navy blue, a true red and a dark green to match the Pastel Yuzen Paper  background.  I loaded a paintbrush with Splash Ink and tapped it with a pencil over the paper.  Then, I stamped the flowers, butterflies and sentiment on top.  Using a very fine paintbrush, I colored in the images and added more dots of color. I finished with my Superfine Black Permawriter, outlining the butterflies.


Have an awesome day!!



I made this paper napkin background for the Fall 2013 Altered Arts Magazine.  I’ve been hoarding it since then, just waiting for the perfect “something” to add to it!


Today, I am sharing a Doodle I made using Yasutomo Mineral Paper (which I am obsessed with) and Gel Xtreme markers.  The markers glide over the mineral paper so smoothly!  It is a wonderful combo to work with!!

If you LOVE to doodle like I do, you have to try it with roller ball pens/markers and mineral paper!  You will LOVE it even more!!




I got a package the other day from Yasutomo & Co.  I love designing for them, they have the most awesome art supplies!  In the package was the new Mineral Paper.  This paper is like nothing I’ve ever seen!  It is normal looking paper but it is super smooth.  It almost has a wet/clay feel to it but folds and creases beautifully.  Writing on it is awesome!  I did some doodling and the smoothness makes your pen gracefully slide across the paper!  It is available now and will be on the website *link above* next week!


It says “Easy to Fold and Water Resistant” on the package.  I tried the folding and doodling.  So now I decided to use the water on it.


I started with my Niji Splash Ink.  I only used yellow and blue.

I put the paper in my cardboard box  fancy spray box.

I filled a mister with water and sprayed the whole piece of paper.  I used A LOT of water.

I left it for about an hour, and sprayed the heck out of it again.

One more spray.  I really wanted to know how water resistant it was.

Clearly, it is water resistant!  Normally when you wet paper this much the fibers break down and cause the paper to warp.  This paper stayed perfectly flat.


But what about heat?  I dried the ink with a heat tool.  Not only did it not damage the paper but look at the beautiful way the inks dried on it!

I had a project planned and almost finished when I got this paper.  But this paper is so amazing I decided it deserved it’s own post!

*sorry about the flash, no sun here for days!*

It was just too pretty to do anything else to it!  Just Splash Ink, water and Mineral paper.  This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!  


I bet you can’t wait to try it!!


Iris Folded Heart

I am sharing an Iris Folded heart with a tutorial!  I love Iris Folding and origami paper is perfect for this!  It is thin and easily folded.  Because it is thin you don’t get a lot of bulk which is Awesome!!


4306 Yuzen Origami Paper

4251 Origami Paper

4305 Animal Print Origami Paper

Ivory Cardstock

Kraft Cardstock

Red Marker

Use a craft knife to cut a heart out of the center of  the Ivory Cardstock.  Cut some kraft cardstock and fold it in half to make a card base.  Leave enough space around the heart so it will fit nicely on the card you just made.

I like to sketch my design before I start.  On the left I just wrote where the 3 colors of paper will go and in which direction.  I call this a swirl pattern.  On the right, I made a pattern that I could use to make a more interesting design.  I did the swirl pattern for my heart.  Take your paper and cut it into 1 inch strips. Now, fold them in half.  The center of the design will be empty.  With either of these designs, there will be a triangle in the center.

Now, get your tape ready!  I start with my first 2 pieces of each color.  I start the pattern by placing them at different angles around the heart.  Tape the first one, and then place the second strip on top at an angle and tape it.  I don’t do precise measuring.  Just each piece a little over the last, going clockwise.  Be sure to keep your folded edge towards the center.  Each section is at a different angle.  And each piece overlaps the last.  Keep going around in a circle.

This is the back.  I just keep adding pieces on top of the last.  Be sure to not show the edges and be sure the heart doesn’t have any open areas.

Here is the front.  Keep checking the front as you tape another circle.  If there is a problem, you can fix it before it is too late!

The back looks like a hot mess!  But don’t worry!  The front is the magic!!  I tape all around the edges of the design, just to make sure it is tight all around.  And when you turn it over, you get….

Magic!!  I take the left over strips and made them a border on the card.  I also used a bit of white paper for the center, since the card base is kraft.  You can ink the outside, or stamp.  Use pastels or watercolors!  I just wrote the word “forever” and made a heart.  I think my Iris Folded heart came out perfect and I didn’t want to take away from that.


That’s it!  Try Iris Folding for yourself!  It is much easier than you think!  If you do try Iris Folding please tell me, I’d love to see it!!  




I LOVE decorating and altering birdhouses.  They are a cute little miniature of all the houses I wish I lived in.  Who wouldn’t love to live in a house that is circular, or one shaped like a star? 





Materials Used:


Click on any of these links to go to the Yasutomo&Company Shop!
Gather your supplies.  Aren’t the papers lovely?  And that gold paint is one of the best paints I’ve ever used!!  
You will cut 2 strips from the red, green and patterned papers 4″ x 3/4″.  Cut another piece from the patterned paper, 4″ x 1 1/2″, which will be for the top of the house.


Place the strips of paper across the shingles on the roof.  Using a scoring tool (or your finger nail like I did) trace the shingle shape into the paper.  Then, cut off the excess.  Leave enough length on the paper to cover the ends of the roof.

Finish cutting all of your pieces of paper.


Using a paint brush, apply Nori Paste to the house and then the pre-cut paper.  Start gluing from the bottom up.  Remember to wrap it around the front and back edges!  Glue the top on last.  

Paint the house gold and leave it all to dry.



Make some details on the front of the birdhouse.  I used the totally awesome Gel Xtreme pens.  I love them~~


I gave a friend one of the bird houses I make last Christmas.  I think this would make a perfect gift for your holidays!


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Stay Crafty, my friends…..