Oil Pastel Resist

Hi, it’s Tessa from How To Make Art, and today I’d like to show you a fun technique using oil pastels as a resist with watercolors in your art journal.  This is what the finished page will look like:


Here is what you will need:

*Niji Watercolor Set

*Niji Oil Pastels

*Niji Permawriter, .07

*Glue or Gluestick



*Art Journal

STEP ONE: Create a simple drawing in your art journal with some of the oil pastels.  I chose to make a pattern with the white oil pastel.  You can barely see it in this photo, but here it is!

STEP TWO: Mix up your favorite colors of paint by adding some water to a dab of one of the watercolors from the set.
STEP THREE: Using your paintbrush, paint over the areas where you made your pastel drawings.  I love the beautiful effect that the oil pastel resist creates!

STEP FOUR: Add a word like “adventure” to your page using your Permawriter and a piece of scrap paper, then glue it on!

Thanks so much for creating with me today! 🙂


I loved the name of this collage sheet from Altered Pages.com!  Altered Pages and Niji Yasutomo Co. are cross promoting this month.  I made my “Not A Red Valentine” using both company’s products.

Altered Pages Collage sheet AP2055 “Not A Red Valentine”

Strathmore Mixed Media Paper

Niji Oil Pastels

Yasutomo Gel Xtreme  Markers

Permawriter Black Marker

Yasutomo Nori Paste

Craft Smart Paint Pen

Baby oil

Random Bits and Pieces: gauze, flowers, leaves, numbers, pearls

Gather your supplies.

Use the white oil pastel to draw words, flowers and hearts.  Scribble over them with multiple colors of oil pastels.  Use baby oil on a paper towel to blend the oil pastels.

The colors blend wonderfully!  But, the white under them stays so you have these fun designs left.  Score the paper into an accordion shape.

Trace over the designs with a Permawriter.

Add some dots and doodles, apply the collage sheet image and other embellishments using Nori Paste.  I like the look of my Valentine.  It’s fun to use a different color for a change.


Fall Time Mirror

I just love all the colors of fall. The reds, yellows, oranges, just make me happy.  But sad to say these colors are only here for a few days.  How can I keep them always?  Art is always the right answer so off to my studio!

Sorry about the photo, I did not think when I made it how hard it would be to photograph it, but I think you get the idea.

1.  Start off with a white card stock and color with my NiJi Oil Pastels using red, yellows and oranges to make a wonderful background. Blend each color into the other.

2.  I found this mirror at the local art store (on sale) and painted it with Orange paint. Can you see that this mirror was a flower shape?

3.  I stamped onto the color card stock that I created with my personal line of stamps from SinCity Stamps.  I love this leaf plate of stamps and I have lots of great things planned for them.

4.  I cut each leaf out by hand and pasted each of them on the wood mirror frame with Nori paste.  I love the way this whole project worked out.  Sorry again about not getting that perfect photo.
How easy was that project?  Only four steps, so next time you see a mirror or frame, you know what to create with it.
Thanks again for stopping by

Iris Paper Folding

I have a really awesome project to share with you today. I was thinking of something to make for Yasutomo and BANG, it hit me…

Iris Folding!

I haven’t seen or heard this in a long time so I was so excited to make this and we were given so many beautiful origami papers to work with, I couldn’t wait to get them out.


Origami Paper “solids” 4251 and “animals” 4804

Yuzen Paper 4337 and Blue 4336

Authentic Chinese Watercolors CP12

Niji Oil Pastels

Niji Water Brush Small

I took out 4 different types of paper. I took 1 piece from each pack to get 2 yellow and 2 blue.

Then, I cut a vase out of a piece of white card stock.

I had to make flowers to come out of the vase (the vase looks good with just that awesome yellow zebra print paper).  I got to use the Yasutomo Watercolors and Niji Water brushes for the first time and they are AMAZING!!!  I am no painter by any stretch of the imagination but these products make it so easy!  I am shocked by how awesome my flowers and leaves are!

NOW, the iris folding.

Pick at least 4 different patterns/colors of paper.  Cut them into one inch strips.  Then, fold them in half.  You will have half inch strips to begin your project.

This system of attaching paper is done on the back of your die cut paper.  It will go in a circle one piece at a time.  You start on the left of the cut out and tape your strip of paper along that edge.  Always tape it with the folded side in the die cut.  Keep going around in a circle, adding paper.  Look at the shape and apply the papers in different colors for each section of the shape.  For example, I wanted the neck of my vase to be blue so as I made my circle of paper I made sure the top of the shape always had blue paper.

Flip your paper over every now and then to be sure the paper in your circle is looking the way you want it.

At the end, there will be a hole in the center.  Put a coordinating paper background on it.  I added another, larger piece to make a nice matting.  I also added some yellow pastel to the outside.

Thanks for visiting!!  You can find all of the products I used at Yasutomo.com

Have an awesome day!!


Plentiful Autumn Pumpkin

Brilliant pigments, soft, yet rich, add life to this oil pastel art. In my part of the U.S., fall has yet to approach but it will be here before we know it!

Lea here, sharing my love of oil pastels!  Oil pastels are the perfect media when you would like texture and pure pigmented color.  Niji (nee gee) oil pastels are strong pigments suspended in binders to hold them together.  There are several ways to work with oil pastels, I prefer 2 methods:  Spread with finger (or blending stump), or painting with odorless mineral spirits.

Rich, creamy, oil pastels, highly pigmented

Rich, creamy, oil pastels, highly pigmented

Beautiful Fall Art can be designed easily with Niji Oil Pastels.

Beautiful Fall Art can be designed easily with Niji Oil Pastels.

Yasutomo/Niji Products

Blending Stumps

Oil Pastels

Permawriter 07 Black

Painting Brushes

Nori Paste

Other Products

Odorless Mineral Spirits

Rubber Stamp of Pumpkin or Coloring Page, Clip Art

Permanent Black Ink if you use a Rubber Stamp

Decorative papers and elements to finish art (Bo Bunny)


Stamp or transfer pumpkin image to white, smooth cardstock.

Color area with a thick coloring of oil pastel in the medium orange (yellow-orange) in the center of the pumpkin.  I like to start with the lighter shades and add the darker when blending.  Blending darker into light is easier than light into dark.  Blend with your finger or blending stump.  My fingers are warm and the oils helps to break down the binders. Niji oil pastels have binders that will work smoothly for this technique.

Notice that when one color is blended with another, a third color is formed.  In this case, the colors are monochromatic (one color of several shades), but think of your grade school art class when you learned that yellow + blue = green, yellow + red + orange, etc.  Think of that as you choose the colors you’d like to work with, always starting with the lightest color first.

The black outline is a mix of ink, oil pastel, and Permawriter.
The highlight is more in the middle where the bump of the pumpkin is.  Notice the 3rd color created by blending the dark orange and yellow-orange together.

The highlight is more in the middle where the bump of the pumpkin is. Notice the 3rd color created by blending the dark orange and yellow-orange together.

When thinking about shading, think of the direction of where the sun would shine down on the scene/object.  The sun is hitting the center area of the pumpkin where the pumpkin bulges out.  The stem, brown is the darker area and goes into a green as the light hits it.  You see “olive” green where the brown and green mix.  for the leaves, it is hard to see in a photo but the highlight (where the sun hits) is done in lime green.  The base is green, and the shadow (where the sun doesn’t hit) is olive green.
Nori Paste is a staple to any paper craft project!

Nori Paste is a staple to any paper craft project!

As I add the decorative paper and elements, I shade the flag tags (in the upper right) and the wood strip on the top to add texture.
niji october a
Oil Pastels lend themselves to almost any theme or design, all that is left is imagination!!!
For more information on how to purchase Yasutomo products please check out their website:  www.yasutomo.com
Cre8tiveLea Yours – Lea

Lea Cioci is a current member of the Yasutomo/Niji Design Team.