Oil Pastel Resist

Hi, it’s Tessa from How To Make Art, and today I’d like to show you a fun technique using oil pastels as a resist with watercolors in your art journal.  This is what the finished page will look like:


Here is what you will need:

*Niji Watercolor Set

*Niji Oil Pastels

*Niji Permawriter, .07

*Glue or Gluestick



*Art Journal

STEP ONE: Create a simple drawing in your art journal with some of the oil pastels.  I chose to make a pattern with the white oil pastel.  You can barely see it in this photo, but here it is!

STEP TWO: Mix up your favorite colors of paint by adding some water to a dab of one of the watercolors from the set.
STEP THREE: Using your paintbrush, paint over the areas where you made your pastel drawings.  I love the beautiful effect that the oil pastel resist creates!

STEP FOUR: Add a word like “adventure” to your page using your Permawriter and a piece of scrap paper, then glue it on!

Thanks so much for creating with me today! 🙂


I made this paper napkin background for the Fall 2013 Altered Arts Magazine.  I’ve been hoarding it since then, just waiting for the perfect “something” to add to it!


Today, I am sharing a Doodle I made using Yasutomo Mineral Paper (which I am obsessed with) and Gel Xtreme markers.  The markers glide over the mineral paper so smoothly!  It is a wonderful combo to work with!!

If you LOVE to doodle like I do, you have to try it with roller ball pens/markers and mineral paper!  You will LOVE it even more!!




I got a package the other day from Yasutomo & Co.  I love designing for them, they have the most awesome art supplies!  In the package was the new Mineral Paper.  This paper is like nothing I’ve ever seen!  It is normal looking paper but it is super smooth.  It almost has a wet/clay feel to it but folds and creases beautifully.  Writing on it is awesome!  I did some doodling and the smoothness makes your pen gracefully slide across the paper!  It is available now and will be on the website *link above* next week!


It says “Easy to Fold and Water Resistant” on the package.  I tried the folding and doodling.  So now I decided to use the water on it.


I started with my Niji Splash Ink.  I only used yellow and blue.

I put the paper in my cardboard box  fancy spray box.

I filled a mister with water and sprayed the whole piece of paper.  I used A LOT of water.

I left it for about an hour, and sprayed the heck out of it again.

One more spray.  I really wanted to know how water resistant it was.

Clearly, it is water resistant!  Normally when you wet paper this much the fibers break down and cause the paper to warp.  This paper stayed perfectly flat.


But what about heat?  I dried the ink with a heat tool.  Not only did it not damage the paper but look at the beautiful way the inks dried on it!

I had a project planned and almost finished when I got this paper.  But this paper is so amazing I decided it deserved it’s own post!

*sorry about the flash, no sun here for days!*

It was just too pretty to do anything else to it!  Just Splash Ink, water and Mineral paper.  This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!  


I bet you can’t wait to try it!!



Using Splash Ink as watercolor paints is so awesome!  You have every color you could imagine so there is no need to buy tons of paints.  I painted this little canvas with Splash and detailed it with other Yasutomo Products.

Niji Splash Ink

PermaWriter Marker Black

Gel Xtreme White Marker

Faber Castell Canvas Kit from Altered Pages


I got my Splash Inks and my color chart ready and made a really soft pink, a darker pink, an orange yellow, a brown yellow and a green.  

I painted the soft pink on the petals first. 

Then I blended in the darker pink.  The cool thing about Splash is that it is easily blended with water.


I went over each petal with my white marker and put dots on the petals.  Then I used my PermaWriter to make dots in the center of the flower.  I added a few white dots too.  The black backing came with the kit.


Try using your Splash Inks as watercolor paints.  You will Love the results!!



Don’t you love it when you make a project that has a mind of it’s own? 

This is one of those projects.


Gather your supplies.  Fill 1 mister with Yellow Splash Ink, 1 mister with Blue Splash Ink and mix Splash Ink to make 1 mister of Red Ink.  You only need these 3 colors for this project.

Draw a winding area on your canvas, lightly, with a pencil.  Make light marks to show where the next color will start.  With just those 3 inks, we will make a smooth transition of all colors.

I didn’t have every color of flowers so I made some from paper and mostly used white flowers.  I had a lot of yellow and green flowers for some reason 🙂  Place your first color of flowers, and your last color of flowers on the canvas, using Nori Paste.  Let me tell you, if you want something to stick forever, THIS is what you want to use!!  Just brush it on, apply flowers, gauze, etc.  and in a short time it is stuck!!  

This is  the layout.  Fill in the rest of the canvas with flowers, gauze, burlap and pearls.

We will start spraying the yellow Splash over the yellow flowers and the canvas.  From top to bottom.  Go a little over onto the next flowers and canvas.  Then spray red Splash over the yellow (to make orange) and on the red area of flowers and canvas.  Go a little over onto the next flowers and canvas.  Spray the blue Splash Ink over the red (to get purple) and onto the blue flower and canvas area.  Go all over the blue and green areas with the blue, then go over the green area with yellow Splash Ink.  You have made a beautiful rainbow!!

Use your markers to write the words, and outline them with black.  Add ribbon pieces last and a few more pearls.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to spray glitter on it too!  And add wire spirals.  I told you it had a mind of it’s own!! 

 Because we sprayed the ink, we have a beautiful gradient of color!  Some of the white of the canvas and flowers is still showing which just adds more emphasis to the colors 

 Go color YOUR world!!


Fall Time Mirror

I just love all the colors of fall. The reds, yellows, oranges, just make me happy.  But sad to say these colors are only here for a few days.  How can I keep them always?  Art is always the right answer so off to my studio!

Sorry about the photo, I did not think when I made it how hard it would be to photograph it, but I think you get the idea.

1.  Start off with a white card stock and color with my NiJi Oil Pastels using red, yellows and oranges to make a wonderful background. Blend each color into the other.

2.  I found this mirror at the local art store (on sale) and painted it with Orange paint. Can you see that this mirror was a flower shape?

3.  I stamped onto the color card stock that I created with my personal line of stamps from SinCity Stamps.  I love this leaf plate of stamps and I have lots of great things planned for them.

4.  I cut each leaf out by hand and pasted each of them on the wood mirror frame with Nori paste.  I love the way this whole project worked out.  Sorry again about not getting that perfect photo.
How easy was that project?  Only four steps, so next time you see a mirror or frame, you know what to create with it.
Thanks again for stopping by


I want to share an art journal page with you today.



Niji Splash Ink SNK400

Niji Water Brush KWB20

Yasutomo Pale Gold WCW216-58

Yasutomo Gel Xtreme Metallic Rollers GX1007

Pro Art Gesso

Andy Skinner (for Nando Creative) “Baroque” Stencil

Misc. Brown Marker


I applied Gesso to my art journal first.  After it dried, I made Splash Ink Sprays.  A golden yellow (16Y, 1M, 1BK) and a maroon (4M, 2Y, 1BK).  I sprayed them all over the journal pages, and let them dry.


Next, I used the Pale Gold paint.  I painted the border of both pages,using my flat Water Brush,  so it looks like one page.  This paint is awesome to use!!  It is loaded with color and glides on so smooth!   I know I will be using this a lot!!


Then,  I used my stencil in 2 ways.  I used the corners on the top left and lower right , and the female face too.  I had all these big ideas on all the techniques and products I would use but when I used the first Gel Xtreme marker (gold) on the corners I fell in love again!!  These markers are amazing!!  And when you are done, it looks like you used leafing.  They are that  amazing!!!


Again, here is my finished project.  I LOVED making it!

Thanks for visiting!!