Scrapbooking Fun with Altered Arts Images

Hi, it’s Tessa from How to Make Art here to share a fun scrapbooking project with you.  Scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies, so today I decided to make a small piece about my dog, Ruby.  I used Yasutomo’s Fold ‘Ems Origami Paper because of their beautiful bright colors and the fact that the size of the pages fits perfectly into one of the pockets in my pocket scrapbooking system.  You can see the finished piece above.
*Altered Arts Collage Sheet, “15th Century Alphabet”
*Yasutomo Fold ‘Ems Origami Paper
*Niji Waterbrush
*Yasutomo Nori Paste
*Niji Pearlescent Watercolors
STEP ONE: Download and print out the Altered Arts Collage Sheet called “15th Century Alphabet.”  Use your scissors to carefully cut out the letters you wish to use in your project.  You should cut out a word or name that has something to do with the photograph you will show in your scrapbook piece.
STEP TWO:  Use your Niji Waterbrush to moisten the color of Pearlescent Watercolors you wish to use.  Let the water sit there for a few moments to moisten the color and really get it flowing.
STEP THREE:  Paint over the letters you cut out in Step One to add a nice, shimmery effect to your name or word.
STEP FOUR:  While you wait for your letters to dry, use your Nori Paste to glue the photograph to your origami paper.
STEP FIVE:  Now it’s time to glue your letters to the top of the page.  I started by gluing the first and last letters (the “R” and the “Y”) to the edges first, that way it would be easier to center the middle two letters in my word.  Use the Nori Paste to glue these letters on too.
I hope you enjoyed creating a piece for your scrapbook today!

Mini Wall Plaques with Nori Paste

Hi, it’s Tessa from How To Make Art, and today I’m going to show you a quick and easy project: Mini Wall Plaques.  These little wooden plaques look great on a wall or resting on a shelf.

Here is what you will need:

small piece of wood


dremel tool

color printer with photo paper


Yasutomo and Company’s Nori Paste


wax paper

heavy books

STEP ONE: Cut your wood to the size you prefer.  I cut my piece to measure 3″ x 3″ and sanded the edges with sandpaper.

STEP TWO: Add a hole for hanging on the back of the piece, right in the top center:

(Please ignore the hole at the bottom – that was my first attempt, and it didn’t work!)

STEP THREE: Print your artwork out, making sure to make it the same size that you cut your wood – in my case, 3″ x 3″.  Cut it out carefully with a pair of scissors.

STEP FOUR: Apply a light coating of Nori paste to the top side of the wood.  Don’t make your layer of glue too thick, or it will seep out over the sides.

STEP FIVE: Carefully lay the printed artwork on top of the glue layer, making sure that the hole on the back corresponds with the top of your artwork.  Place a small sheet of wax paper over the entire piece, then place heavy books on top of the artwork so that the piece will dry totally flat.  (The wax paper is used so that excess glue will not stick to your books.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy making these little art reproductions with Nori Paste, which has quickly become my new favorite adhesive!  Nori Paste really adheres so well and with no air bubbles, so it’s a paper crafter’s dream come true.

Have a great day!

Fall Time Mirror

I just love all the colors of fall. The reds, yellows, oranges, just make me happy.  But sad to say these colors are only here for a few days.  How can I keep them always?  Art is always the right answer so off to my studio!

Sorry about the photo, I did not think when I made it how hard it would be to photograph it, but I think you get the idea.

1.  Start off with a white card stock and color with my NiJi Oil Pastels using red, yellows and oranges to make a wonderful background. Blend each color into the other.

2.  I found this mirror at the local art store (on sale) and painted it with Orange paint. Can you see that this mirror was a flower shape?

3.  I stamped onto the color card stock that I created with my personal line of stamps from SinCity Stamps.  I love this leaf plate of stamps and I have lots of great things planned for them.

4.  I cut each leaf out by hand and pasted each of them on the wood mirror frame with Nori paste.  I love the way this whole project worked out.  Sorry again about not getting that perfect photo.
How easy was that project?  Only four steps, so next time you see a mirror or frame, you know what to create with it.
Thanks again for stopping by

Watercolor Image Transfer

Terri Sproul here and I love to work with different mediums. Yasutomo is the perfect company for me to be a part of the design team, look at all the fun stuff I get to play with!  I do love to make transfers and in this post I did just that.


Image to Transfer:  I got my image in my MailBox Muse kit
Black Matte
Golden Paints:  Gel Medium
Water Bottle
1)  Start by making your image transfer:
       a)  Brush on gel medium to both the image and the paper you are adding the image to.  NOT too heavy, a nice light even coat on the image and the paper.
       b)  Place image side down to the paper you want the image to placed.
       c)  Let dry.
       d)  Spray water on image paper too get wet, take finger and rub off all the paper.  You image will remain on the paper you adhere too.
2)  After I was done transferring the image, it’s now time to play.  I got my Niji Pearlscent Watercolor out and starting playing,  I painted my watercolors first and using my Niji Waterbrush (love them) to add color to my background.
3)  Adhere my work of art to the  black background paper using Yasutomo Nori Paste.
Thanks for stopping by!
Terri Sproul

The Last Fruit of Summer

ImageWe are still running our air-conditioners, but summer is on its last leg here in Georgia. Yellow finches are cleaning out the purple cone flower seeds. The grass is starting to dry up. Purple blossoms are dropping from that mysterious bush out back. Summer is fading out.

Like many of you, my back yard is a constant source of inspiration. This week, I’ve been inspired by the soft, washed-out colors and warm breezes of September. Using inks, rice paper, and my sewing machine, I created a soft paper lantern embellishment that conveys the nostalgic feeling of the last fruit of summer. This easy project is such a fun way to add an element of softness, light, and color to any room or outdoor space.


Step 1:   Stack 4-6 sheets of rice paper on your work surface.


Step 2:   Spray the paper thoroughly with water.

Step 3:   Drip inks directly from their bottles onto the paper. If you want to create new colors, mix them in a small cup and use a wet paint brush to drip the ink colors onto the wet paper.  Use the spray bottle to further dilute and mix the colors on the paper.



ink splashed paper

As you can see from my photo, I really had no plan and kind of played around with dripping, using a paint brush, and spraying with my spray bottle. The pattern is not very important, as each piece is cut into small pieces once dry.

Step 4:   Hang the wet rice paper on a drying rack that has been covered with plastic wrap. The wet rice paper is very delicate, so be careful as you place it on the drying rack. Once dry, it is quite sturdy.


Step 5:   Once dry, cut the pieces into small rectangles.


Step 6:   Using a sewing machine, stitch the pieces together side by side about ½” from the top of each rectangle. Do not worry if the pieces don’t line up perfectly. When you’ve stitched all the rectangles together, you will have a garland of lovely imperfect flags.


Step 7:   Wrap the garland around the paper lantern, using a small blob of Yasutomo Nori paste every 3-4 inches. The paste works so well with the rice paper. Just a tiny bit of paste and a little bit of pressure secures the garland into place.





Step 8:  If you have gaps of unpainted or unadorned lantern, add some ink drops and squirt with water. Hang the lantern to dry.



  • Instead of a white paper lantern, use a colored lantern.
  • Mix Niji Splash Inks to create colors that perfectly match your décor or party theme.
  • Add some shimmer with metallic gel pen accents.
  • Create a variety of lamps in different sizes. Hang them in a cluster for a dramatic effect.

How do the changing seasons inspire you?