Hand Lettering

Hand written letters seem to be such a lost form of communication these days. Rarely do I receive a handwritten note!

My handwriting is not something that would pass the calligrapher’s test but it’s pretty decent, if I may say so myself. It was not always like that, in fact way back in school, my writing was often in the limelight ..for all the wrong reasons ..of course!

We used to have Cursive writing books and an entire class would be devoted to writing practice and mistakes were just not permitted in the workbook, one mistake and we had re- write the whole sentence 10 times..so ..10 mistakes….well you know the math!

So with all that practice, my handwriting turned out ok by middle school, but I feel it started to look even better once we started using fountain pens. But I still need to practice and better my hand and hopefully, someday be good enough to do Calligraphy !

For now I fill sketchbooks!

Today I thought of sharing my sketchbook with you all, it’s my lettering journal . I try to practice everyday and jot down a quote that catches my eye!

Even today I prefer  fluid ink based pens for journaling. Lately I have been using Dip pens with Yasutomo Sumi ink and am loving the deep dark black that the Sumi Ink provides.

For on the go..it’s always nice to have a couple of Permawriters. They make it so easy and quick and since they are waterproof, I can go over them if I decide to use watercolors.

A doodled page below using Permawriters

Here I have used Gel Xtreme pens -pastel set

Hope I have inspired you to pick up a pen and start writing again, let’s save this art before it gets extinct!

Disclaimer: The quotes in this post are not my own  and  have been gathered from around the web and books, I do not know the origin or source of the quotes to give them due credit . If anyone knows, do leave me a comment below and I will add the due credits.


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